Gourmet Pilgrim is a company with a passion for food. We're particularly passionate about the simple home cooking and family recipes that are the foundation of every great national cuisine - recipes that are passed down by parents, aunts, neighbours and village matriarchs using time-honoured tradition and know-how. Gourmet Pilgrim was established with a vision to gather this wealth of irreplaceable culinary knowledge into a unique series of culinary references for the home cook.



The content for each edition of our series is researched at the very 'grass roots' by teams of accomplished recipe editors, and journalists specialising in food and culture. Our teams travel extensively in each focus country, cooking with - and learning from - home cooks, chefs, farmers, fishermen and all manner of local folks to gain an understanding of the fundamental ingredients and techniques of their cuisine. We gather generational family recipes and document their origins; and research the regional, historical and political influences that have shaped the native menu over centuries.


Following this unique 'journey of discovery', our recipe editors focus their efforts on extensive recipe testing and development to ensure that each recipe is achievable in the modern kitchen without compromising its authenticity; before an intensive period of food styling and studio photography using authentic props gathered during their travels. Meanwhile our journalists pen the stories of food, culture and history that are to immerse the reader in the background, locale and evolution of the cuisine. Every edition of the Gourmet Pilgrim series is the product of 2 years of research, travel, testing and development - and a passionate dedication to good food!


Enjoy the journey!